An innovative composite technology

Graphinus Fabrics offers products of Graphene Yarn, Graphene Textiles (Gre-Tex), and clothing manufacturing services from South Korea, Vietnam, and the U.S.

Quick Glance

white graphene text

Graphene Yarn

White yarn that is dyeable in any color due to our modern graphene treatment process.


Graphene is an excellent choice for anything imaginable – sportswear, bedsheets, intimates, daily wear, and more! Knits, woven, and tricots available.

Clothing Manufacturing

We offer clothing manufacturing services from overseas.

Our company can produce 850 tons of yarn and 500,000 yards of graphene fabrics in one month including dyeing since April 2021 from South Korea.

Our products are long lasting and provide many benefits. Due to its versatility, our products can be used for a wide variety of different purposes and functions.