What is Graphene?

Graphene is a nano material extracted from graphite.

It was first found by a British team in 2004, who succeeded in extracting graphene from graphite and won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010. It is said to be the “most outstanding nano-material among existing materials” and is able to deliver 100 times more electric than copper and 100 times faster than silicon, with two times higher thermal conductivity than diamond which was known to have the best thermal conductivity.

It’s a single layer of graphite, which is a structure of hexagonal honeycomb carbons stacked in layers. Graphene has excellent physical and chemical stability along with low material consumption. It releases far-infrared rays and has excellent electricity conductivity, elasticity, and mechanical strength.

Our process

Other companies fuse graphene onto the fabric, which limits functionality and lifetime.

Our company weaves graphene in the fiber, not on top of it. This means that our thread can be white, not just black, and has the capability to be dyed in any color. It also means that our products are long-lasting, rarely affected by washing, and generally last the life-cycle of the yarn. 


UV Protection

Far Infrared Rays

Sweat Absorption

Odor Control

Excellent Thermal Capability

Air Permeability




Mosquito Repellant

Mite Repellant




Active Outdoor Sports

Water Sports

Active Wear

Inner Wear







Everyday Wear


…and more!

Far Infrared Rays

Blood Flow – 15 Minute Comparison

Before Graphene After Graphene

Filmed by Korea Far Infrared Association

Graphene emits far-infrared rays which are energy waves that positively help activate body systems and functions. The rays emitted by graphene have a wavelength of 4-16 microns which is compatible with the human body, allowing them to be easily absorbed.

Far-infrared rays help detoxify the body, promote cell activity and increase blood circulation and oxygen. They also help chronic fatigue and to reduce pain and stiffness such as reducing muscle spasms or soreness, and providing relief for rheumatoid arthritis or back pain symptoms. There is no harmful electromagnetic radiation.

UV Protection

Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and protects the skin.

Sweat Absorption & Odor Control

Sweat is quickly absorbed and then released to dry, ensuring no odors are trapped.

Excellent Thermal Capability

Thermal insulation helps maintain body temperature.

Air Permeability

Water wicking quickly moves moisture and sweat to the outer surface, allowing it to dry quickly to create a comfortable wearing experience.


The electrical conductivity of graphene ensures that static does not occur.

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal

The graphene inhibits bacteria in order to create a hygienic environment.

Mosquito & Mite Repellant

Graphene repels mosquitos and mites for maximum comfort.

Flexibility & Durability

Graphene is extremely flexible and has greater strength than polyester.

Our Company

Our company can produce 850 tons of yarn and 500,000 yards of graphene fabrics in a month including dyeing since April 2021 from South Korea. We offer products of Graphene Yarn, Graphene Textiles (Gre-Tex), and clothing manufacturing services from South Korea, Vietnam, and the U.S. 

Our goal is to provide YOU with the best quality functional fabric. 

Eco-friendly 🌳

Our products are made with recycled materials and a low material consumption to ensure an eco-friendly and sustainable product.